Alicia Czerniak

Alicia Czerniak has met a great number of top ranking personalities from all sectors, who have entrusted her with important assignments, mostly portraits that allowed her to showcase an excellent ability for realistic painting and drawing. In 2009, she was invited to participate in an Exhibition of the best European portrait painters in Berlin.

Among her portraits are those of the Spanish aristocrat Jaime de Mora y Aragón, brother of Queen Fabiola of Belgium, the Sheik Mohamed Ashmawi and his family, the President of Congo Brazzaville, Mr. Denis Sassou and his family, King Fahd of Saudi Arabia, among others…


Alicia Czerniak

Alicia Czerniak is a winner of various international prizes.
The art of Alicia Czerniak has been exhibited in many prestigious galleries in almost all European countries as well as in: New York, Boston, China, Japan, Mexico City, Korea or South Africa, also in many Museums.

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