Alicia Czerniak

By Ángeles Hinojosa Tenllado.

Freedom and spirituality literally burst out of the work of Alicia Czerniak. The freedom of a vigorous and gestual brushstroke, which is very representative at the same time.

Her work communicates, expressing the idea of an opening toward the cosmic with an energy that transcends the limits of the canvas.
Through a pure, primary and intense chromatic range, Alicia Czerniak introduces us to her pictorial space with an audacity that almost gives us goosebumps. Her containment and the order of her first works culminate in an obvious manner in a predominance of matter and in a flow and dynamism that are free and forthright.

The work of Alicia Czerniak lays bare a personal and different manner of facing the act of pictorial creation and, although we are redirected to the memory of abstract expressionism, her lyrical and poetical style introduces us to a unique and singular creative world.
A great lesson that teaches us how the simplicity of forms may also be conducive to beauty and to the deepest reflection.

Ángeles Hinojosa Tenllado
Master of Museum Studies and Master of Fine Arts,
Former curator of the Reina Sofia National Museum. Madrid

We are becoming more and more conscience of our
cosmic belonging, belonging to the Greatest.

We are part of the UNIVERSE Children of the Stars,
searching the way to return home.

Alicia Czerniak


Our Planet is in transition, in evolution, it is transcending... We are also in transition. There are so many changes going on at this moment on the Earth. An Evolution of the physical and the ethereal world. Everything is transcending towards a new reality and our Awareness is expanding more and more. The exponential evolution can be easily seen in technology, but we are also experiencing the same accelerating evolution in our Conscious. We are growing in spite of our own resistance to changes and our attachment to the past...

Alicia Czerniak

Alicia Czerniak is a winner of various international prizes.
The art of Alicia Czerniak has been exhibited in many prestigious galleries in almost all European countries as well as in: New York, Boston, China, Japan, Mexico City, Corea or South Africa, also in many Museums.

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